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Atithi Devo Bhavah. We consider our guest as a God. For any celebration or function, we invite our relatives and guests and serve food. If the number of guests is more, we consider hiring catering services. The catering services are very important in most of the events like wedding, birthday parties etc.

If you are searching for caterers, you would find that a good catering service can be expensive. Here at Eventizers.in, we have tried to bring all the catering and related services under a roof where you can find caterers according to your budget. However, sometimes it may be difficult to select caterers and to trust that catering company. Following is the checklist which will help you to select perfect caterers for your function.

  • Check from when they are in the business.
  • Check their availability on your event date.
  • Check the menu they are offering.
  • What is the deposit amount they needed and other payment terms.
  • Do they require agreement / contract to be signed?
  • Check if they provide professional staff.
  • Check whether they are equipped with all the requisites.
  • Do they clean the venue after event?
  • Any other services they are offering? So you are not required to find other vendors.
  • What is their arrangement if the number of guests increases?